Beyond the Bitcoin Revolution: How Blockchain Technology is Helping Corporations Create a More Educated Workforce

Through good economies and bad ones, in times of high unemployment and low, there has been a growing mismatch between job skills and the availability of positions. Some businesses have been struggled to fill jobs, confronted by a lack of qualified workers, but that all could be changing. This 584-word article takes a look at how blockchain technology is transforming the world of corporate training and worker education and helping to close the skills gap in the process.

Whether the economy is stuck in the throes of dee recession or enjoying a robust recovery, corporations and small businesses need a steady stream of qualified workers to power their operations and drive their profits. No matter what the state of the economy and the job market, the need for qualified workers never goes away.

Unfortunately, there is often a mismatch between the qualifications of workers seeking jobs and educational and experiential requirements of the available jobs. This mismatch is often most acute during periods of low unemployment, when workers are scarce and jobs are plentiful, but it can be a problem even when the positions are hard to come by.

In this difficult environment, many companies are taking a more proactive approach. If they cannot find qualified workers to fill their available positions, they will simply create them. Corporate training and worker re-education is a serious matter in corporate America and the importance of retraining job applicants could become even more important in years to come.

Until now, it has been difficult and expensive to create the steady stream of qualified workers corporations and small businesses need. Some businesses leaders have teamed up with the community colleges and other educational institutions, hoping to hire recent graduates to fill their job vacancies. Others have designed their own in-house training programs, using a variety of resources to bring new hires up to speed.

The difficulties and expense those corporations and small businesses face have been enormous, but that could be changing. The technology that underlies the success of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is increasingly being adapted by business leaders who need to create more educated workforce.

Blockchain technology has many different uses in the world of corporate training and many advantages over other options. Many businesses are using the blockchain, a type of permanent ledger renowned for its security to store a wealth of training materials. Instead of dealing with a vast library of CD-ROMs, online courses, videocassettes, DVDs and audio books, corporate trainers can store it all.