Support Local: 6 Rewarding Reasons to Shop Local

6 Rewarding Reasons to Shop Local

There are many ways to participate in democracy, from voting in every election to volunteering for your favorite candidate. But the most direct way to vote is with your dollars, and you can exercise that form of democracy every single day.

Every time you shop for groceries, pick out a new outfit or grab a cup of coffee, you can make the impactful choice to shop local. Shopping locally carries a host of benefits for your community, your neighbours and most importantly for yourself. Here are 6 reasons to shop local first every time you buy.

The money starts in your community.

When you shop at a big box store, the money you spend ends up in the pockets of corporate investors, but shopping locally puts cash into the places where you live, work and raise your family.

You can get to know the business owners.

The owner of the local pet store may sit next to you in church. The proprietor of the coffee shop down the street waves to you as you come in every morning. Those personal connections are impossible to replicate when you shop at chain stores and retail giants.

Shopping local creates jobs.

The majority of new jobs are created by entrepreneurs and small business owners including the men and women who own the shops in your home town. Shopping local is good for the economy, so think local first.

You will be contributing to the growth of your community.

The taxes paid by local business owners goes to support the school district your child attends, the churches where you worship and the business where you yourself employed. When you shop local, you have a direct stake in the growth of your town.

Unique products abound.

Shopping local is good for the community, but it is also good for you. From homemade jewelry and handcrafted accessories to craft beers and locally made wines, your community is filled with products you just cannot find anywhere else. You can check out these 50 great local shops in the U.S. for finding the perfect holiday gift.

You can leave the car at home.

Instead of driving hither and yon and spewing out tons of carbon dioxide, you can let your feet do the walking. When you shop within the confines of your town, you can get your shopping done without getting in the car.